Thursday, July 3, 2008

Dare to Dream

I have an American passport and a Sunni name. It has been suggested to me not to dream of stepping a foot inside Baghdad for at least another fifty years. I haven't seen Baghad or Iraq since I was two years old.

Can...or should...or does the generation of young Iraqi ex-pats dare to dream of visiting Baghdad again?


aNarki-13 said...

regarding the Can and Does, i absolutely have no idea!

about the Should.. personally i would say a big fat NO. Iraq is not the same place we left, and it will never be the same. ask any person who left iraq in the fifties, sixties, seventies, eighties, nineties, and now. it never goes back to its previous state. always changing, from bad to worse to worst..

still, i am a realist, as opposed to millions of optimists out there begging, nay, screaming and fighting to differ. good for them, good for me :)

and thank you a third time :P

Anonymous said...

The expats have a duty, if not obligation to go back and make the dream of a new Iraq come true. The unfortunate Iraqi's inside Iraq have been isolated and cut off form the world for decades. Those outside are the link to the rest of the world, and they can bring back to Iraq skills, knowledge, a proud connection with the outside world,they have a lot to offer. The question is WHEN, not IF, this will happen.

Tnxs for this wonderful oppoftunity

Abdullah said...

It depends on how you define:

1. "young expatriates"

2. "visiting Baghdad"

Let me explain a little bit more. I think that there are 2 definitions to "young expatriates".

A. The first definition is they are the ones who were born/raised in Baghdad or any other Iraqi city and left the country for their own reasons (could be there were minors at the time and left with their families, or young adults left seeking a better life/opportunities, and/or left the country because of the recent violence...etc). Those people are raised and accustomed to the Eastern rules/culture/and religion. It is possible that they can live/adapt in an atmosphere like that of Iraq in the future. This category faced a lot of political/economic instability. Most of them want to live a comfortable life and their return to their country relies solely on the political/economic stability of Iraq. I would say yes-they will go back if you offer them better opportunities inside the country than what they have at the moment.

B. The second category are the ones who were born and raised in the west. Those are the ones who got used to live in a free environment discussing all issues freely and openly even if it touches on politics/religion, women's rights, and economy. The Eastern culture takes those rights from individuals for many reasons including partial or complete lack of democracy, presence of religious dictatorships partial or complete lack of freedom of speech, and the male-dominant atmosphere in middle-east in general and Iraq in specific.

Would this category go back?

It depends on the second part of your question.

1. Just for a visit? Probably if things are stable and they can move around from one place to another without any threat.

2. For permanent living? I doubt that this category can assimilate into that culture after living their lives in the west!

All the above is just my personal opinion-not based on any scientific data for those who disagree!

Kindest regards,


Indigo-Daisy said...

I would say absolutely dare to dream! Without a dream there is no hope! I certainly expect to visit Baghdad one day and sit out near the river with my Iraqi family celebrating life.

Ponder upon my message of peace dedicated to my Iraqi Family.


(aka Indigo-Daisy)

laith.kareem said...

About that subject really there is not much left for me to write,I think leaving Iraq become an obsession to the majority of Iraqis but the problem is they will lose what they already had achieved in Iraq like recetification and finding respectful jobs,also It is difficult to find new friend and to become active part in a new society ,every thing takes time so all expats hve a dream which is seeing Iraq soon